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Jungle Safaris

Jungle Safaris are organized by Serenity Jungle Retreat twice a day.

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Family Rooms

Kanha National Park is a tourist destination best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones.

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Jungle Cottages

Our living cottages have been imagined as independent microcosms of life in the wilderness.

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Mahua Jod Theatre

Mahua Jod at Serenity acts as the focal point at which merge indigenous arts and recreational experiences.

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About Us
Serenity Jungle Retreat

Located in the heart of Kanha National Park, Serenity Jungle Retreat is the leading hospitality destination for wildlife tourism in Madhya Pradesh, India, since 2017. Serenity, as it is lovingly referred to, has been conceived as a dedicated institution for the sake of environment-enthusiasts, nature lovers, local communities and global cultural vagabonds alike. At Serenity, holiday-makers can choose to indulge in a wide variety of unprecedented experiences and exclusive activities.

Jungle Safaris through the core areas; Nature-Hiking in buffer zones; and Trail-Biking along the remote forest pugdundis; can be best enjoyed in the warm company of our expert Naturalists. Also organized are guided field-trips to tribal markets and traditional festivals held across local villages. Cultural exchanges between our guests and indigenous communities are facilitated via osmotic cooking sessions, art workshops and leisurely picnics held in the picturesque countryside.

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Dining Area

The in-house restaurant at Serenity, Alghi Dadar, offers its diners delectable fares greatly inspired from regional culinary traditions.


In keeping with the ethos of community-living, our Lobby has been conceived as the epicenter of Serenity Jungle Retreat.


Built amidst lush-green surroundings, the Gol Ghar makes for an impeccable spot of recluse and human-free isolation for our guests.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool at Serenity has been named Shravan Taal, after one of the local water-bodies found inside the core zone.


Serenity Jungle Retreat has ample parking space for two-wheelers, cars and SUVs, and traveler mini-buses.

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Serenity Jungle Retreat

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Village Gudma, Mohgaon Road, Near Mukki
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